Celebrities who have embraced their cellulite

Posted on January 31, 2017

We’ve previously spoken about certain myths that surround cellulite, mainly supposed ways to get rid of it. We’re all about making people feel as confident with their body as possible so we thought we would share some celebrities who have embraced their cellulite – and hopefully they’ll inspire you to do the same with you!


‘Of course celebrities have cellulite! We’re not fem-bots!'” – Kelly Clarkson

“I look like the people that walk down the street. I don’t have perfect boobs, I don’t have zero cellulite – of course I don’t – and I’m curvy. If that is something that makes women feel empowered in any way, that’s great.” –
Kate Winslet


“…Me, honestly, I’ve got cellulite. I’m just hiding it.” – Katy Perry


‘I like my body. I have cellulite. Deal with it.’ I’m not doing thigh commercials. I’m an actress.” – Kristen Bell


“I have cellulite and know it, like ‘I’m cool, I’m OK with that and I still feel confident.'” – Iggy Azalea


“A little cellulite never hurt nobody.” – Ashley Graham


“I have cellulite. I have stretch marks. My breasts aren’t what they were before breastfeeding two children.” – Reese Witherspoon


“I obviously have plenty of imperfections on my body, but I’d rather have a little bit of cellulite and go do a food trip and try every ice cream place in the South.” – Blake Lively


“I have a lovely thing called cellulite on my butt.” – Jennifer Love Hewitt


“I have cellulite. I admit it.” – Cindy Crawford


With Photoshop and airbrushing, it can be easy to place our favourite celebrities up on a pedestal and assume they have flawless, imperfection-free bodies. But it just isn’t the case. They have cellulite, acne prone days and wobbly bits like everyone else! Of course you might feel like you want to get rid of cellulite? if so we have a number a treatments available. 

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