Popular celebrity skin treatments in 2017

Posted on January 13, 2017


Whether we admit it or not, we’re all interested in the health and beauty habits of our favourite celebrities. So we thought we’d dedicate a post to some of the most popular celebrity skin treatments for 2017.


Laser Treatments


Big events such as red carpets and award ceremonies are when actresses and music artists want to look their best. Quick laser treatments can be incorporated into their red carpet prep, even on the morning of the event! Laser treatments can remove unwanted redness, brown spots, reduce fine lines and pores, and leave skin looking completely rejuvenated. Downtime is minimal and any slight redness caused by the laser can easily be covered with makeup!


Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Rejuvenation


More and more celebrities are turning their back on surgery and invasive treatments, instead, opting for gentler, non-invasive treatments such as IPL. The great thing about non-invasive treatments like this is the lack of downtime. Unlike a facelift or something similar, you don’t have to hide away, bandaged up. So it’s no wonder it’s popular with celebs! IPL Rejuvenation skin treatments involve an intensive light being targeted towards the skin which boosts collagen, softens fine lines, tightens and brightens skin. Again, a lot of celebrities opt for this treatment before a big event for instantly tauter and younger looking skin.


Dermal fillers & wrinkle injections


We recently spoke about the difference between dermal fillers and Botox and it seems celebrities, specifically actresses, are shying away from the latter, muscle freezing treatment and opting for a much more natural way to keep their skin looking fresh and plump. After all, an actress has to have full control of their face if they are to do their job properly – so that means no frozen muscles!


Dermal fillers & wrinkle injections consist of an injection of hyaluronic acid–based filler, like Juvéderm or Teosyl, into problem areas such as wrinkles, folds or to plump up the lip area. But celebrities are taking the treatment a step further by also getting dermal fillers in their hands. The hands are a bit of a giveaway when it comes to getting older and it seems the celebs are catching on!


Will you be indulging in any of these celebrity favoured skin treatments this year? We’ve got the lot here at our skin clinic in Manchester. Book in for your appointment today!

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