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We are Manchester’s local skin clinic, looking after clients since 2012 using advanced technologies to create skincare solutions. We’re situated in the Northern Quarter of Manchester, residing in very modern premises.

We are passionate about skincare, offering a comprehensive range of aesthetic treatments which include slimming and cellulite treatments, hair reduction and skincare treatments.  The beauty of our treatments is that they are non-invasive with zero to minimal downtime. We appeal to a wide range of clients, from the self conscious over various skincare blemishes, to the convenience of being hair free, to looking great on holiday or a special occasion with our slimming, cellulite and skin rejuvenation treatments.

We stock carefully selected award-winning skincare products which we use because of their effectiveness and use of non-controversial ingredients, meaning they are paraben, SLS and soap free.

We all love a deal. Here we reward loyal clients as well as entice new ones. Continue reading to discover the various prices for all of our treatments and don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter where you will be updated on our latest promotions!

11 Swan Street
Northern Quarter
M4 5JJ

0161 819 5555


An effective and painless exfoliating procedure using diamond tipped heads to remove the outermost layer of dead skin cells, blackheads, open pores and other skin impurities. This treatment leaves you with smooth facial skin and improves fine lines, superficial pigmentation and mild acne. Acneic backs and chests, stretch marks and ingrown hairs can be treated too.

Skin Peels

A range of peels can be used dependant upon your concern. From a natural enzyme peel to brighten dull skin, to a light peel targeting congestion and aiding cellular renewal, along with specialist peels to target acne, pigmentation, ageing and also an eye peel. A range of nourishing peel-off masks, tailored to your skin type, are also available.


This non-invasive collagen boosting treatment uses a hand-piece which transmits radiofrequency waves deep into the skin using thermal heating. This relaxing treatment encourages the growth of collagen resulting in taught jowls, smoother lines and plumper, rejuvenated skin. This treatment, popular amongst celebrities, is known as the ‘non-surgical facelift’.

Virtual Mesotherapy

Known as the ‘no needle filler’ this treatment is great for plumping out fine lines by gently passing concentrated collagen and vitamins deep into the skin. Feeding skin with these essential ingredients results in a natural looking, radiant and plumper complexion. A great pre-party treatment. Mesotherapy can also be performed on the body to reduce cellulite.

IPL Rejuvenation

This anti-aging treatment produces a collagen boost revitalising and refreshing the skin. Helping to generate new collagen and cause fresh nutrients and oxygen to rise to the surface. The result is softer fine lines and the brightening sallow skin leaving a radiant, younger look. The treatment can be performed on face, chest and hands.

Prescribed course using above treatments for Acne, Ageing, Dark Circles, Wrinkles and PigmentationPer Treatment (£)Treatments Paid in 2 Parts (£)Upfront Payment (£)
6 sessions (save up to 10%)59168 (£336)319
12 sessions (save up to 20%)59301 (£602)566

Micro Needling and Fractional Mesotherapy

Micro needling, also known as skin needling, offers both skin needling and fractional mesotherapy using our device. Since the 1990’s micro needle therapy has been used in the form of Collagen Induction Therapy as an anti-ageing treatment.

Sometimes skin conditions of scarring and acne scarring, stretch marks and aged skin require a higher grade medical procedure for faster, more effective results.

We can deliver this with our Micro Needling treatment. By using the body’s own healing process, new collagen is produced through repair of the skin resulting in tighter, smoother, younger-looking skin free of concerns.

Micro NeedlingPer Treatment (£)3 Treatments Save 15% (£)6 Treatments Save 20% (£)
Fine lines or localised scarring160408768
Full face or hands2205611,056
Décolletage, abdomen, buttocks or thighs2807141,334
Fractional MesotherapyPer Treatment (£)3 Treatments Save 10% (£)6 Treatments Save 20% (£)
Face or Hands130351624
Décolletage, abdomen, buttocks or thighs190513912

Guaranteed hair reduction with our painless, safe and effective IPL technology.  Using a high quality machine we offer fast, minimal pain and effective hair reduction.  The technology we use employs a head, cooled to -4C which helps to numb the area being treated eliminating the risk of burns and minimising pain in the process.   IPL treatments works by debilitating the hair that is principally in the active growth phase at the time of the treatment. Since hair follicles enter the growth phase at different times additional treatments are necessary to eliminate all hair follicles in a given area. Long lasting results occur when a course of treatments, generally between 8 to 12 regular sessions are completed, depending upon hair thickness, hair colour, skin type and area treated.   Why wax, shave or epilate when you can painlessly remove hair with IPL?   A session of IPL hair removal starts from as little as £30. Courses of 6 sessions offer even better value.

IPL Hair RemovalPer Treatment (£)6 Treatment Course Paid in 2 Parts Save 5% (£)6 Treatment Course Save 10% (£)
Chin, upper lip, cheek bones, white line, fingers or toes3085 (£170)162
Underarms, bikini line, shoulders, nape, hands or feet50142 (£284)270
Hollywood, Brazilian, full face, upper arms, lower arms, half back, chest, stomach or buttocks70198 (£396)378
Lower legs or full arms90255 (£510)486
Upper legs, full back or stomach and chest (together)110312 (£624)594
Full legs170482 (£964)918
Full body (unlimited areas)4001,140 (£2,280)2,160

Ultrasonic Cavitation

The non-invasive alternative to liposuction uses low frequency ultrasonic waves to break down the fat nodules and cellulite by creating micro-bubbles which in turn liquidate the stubborn fat cells. This fat is subsequently removed from the body naturally by the lymphatic and urinary channels, particularly with the aid of the treatments below. Great for weight loss and cellulite.


Electrostimulation uses electrical impulses at high and low frequencies to stimulate the nerve endings in the muscles, causing the contracting and relaxing of the muscles. This treatment aids weight loss, reshapes body contours, tones and builds muscle while also boosting the lymphatic system to aid slimming and reduce flaccidity.

Pressotherapy Lymphatic Drainage

Highly recommended after Ultrasonic Cavitation to help flush the liquidated fat from the body and beneficial on its own for people who experience poor circulation or sluggish lymphatic drainage symptoms. It uses pressure from compressed air to massage all the lymph nodes, thereby accelerating the removal of toxins and waste substances to the urinary and lymphatic tracts.

Slimming Wrap

Ideal for those who suffer from bloating, it uses a heated blanket to accelerate sweating to aid weight loss and lymphatic drainage. It is also used to expel toxins from the body and to open pores such that active ingredients for slimming can be readily absorbed into the deeper skin.

Body Radiofrequency

Aids weight loss when weight is built up with water retention, reduces stretch marks, flaccidity and cellulite. The localised heating of the technology causes collagen fibres to contract and breaks down old collagen to produce new collagen. Tightening the fibrous layer of tissue at the dermis, it breaks down fatty deposits, reducing cellulite and instantly tightening skin.

Prescribed course using above body treatments for Slimming, Cellulite and Stretch Mark ReductionPer Treatment (£)Treatments Paid in 2 Parts (£)Upfront Payment (£)
6 treatments (save up to 10%)59168 (£336)319
10 treatments (save up to 20%)59251 (£502)472

Power Plate

Tones muscle and burns off fat. Using an oscillating platform it works the largest muscle groups as the body attempts to constantly stabilise itself. A 10 minute workout is equivalent to 45 minutes gym work. Free unlimited sessions are included with any course of body treatments.

Power Plate UsageCost (£)
10 minute session5
Unlimited sessions25 a month

Semi Permanent Makeup

Exceptionally natural looking eyebrows, eyeliner and lip liner. Providing stunning appearances we use the most advanced techniques and equipment in the field of micropigmentation. Effects typically last between 9 to 18 months depending upon lifestyle, age and general health of your skin. For a life without spending hours in front of the mirror with eyebrow or eyeliner pencils or worrying about lipstick feathering see our full list of services online at www.rejuvenateskinclinic.com   All services include a top up treatment.

Cost (£)
Feathered Brows / Man Brows220
Lip Liner / Lip Blush / Full Lip Colourt220/250/280
Eyeliner top or bottom / both220/250
Maintenance Colour Brows150

Anti-Wrinkle Injections

As we age, the amount of collagen in our skin decreases and with the repeated movement of muscles, wrinkles form. Botox works by temporarily stopping transmission of the nerve impulses to these muscles. This causes the injected muscle to relax which in turn stops the formation of new wrinkles and reduces current wrinkles. The effect is temporary as within 6 months the nerve recovers.   We work with a fully qualified Registered General Nurse and Independent Nurse prescriber to ensure that your treatment is safe and consistent. Our nurse qualified and trained at a prestigious Harley Street Clinic.   We offer Restylane and Juvederm fillers to smooth away wrinkles, enhance facial contours and create fuller lips. Both fillers contain hyaluronic acid which exists naturally in the skin to give us elasticity and hydration.

Lip FillersVolumePrice (£)
Dermal FillersAreaPrice
Teosyl/Juvederm/Boletero Nose to Mouth, Mid-Facial Volume, Temples, Cheek Augmentation, Tear TroughsFrom £250
1 Botox prescribed treatment following medical consultation Botox prescribed treatment following medical consultationCost (£)
One area140
Two areas199
Three areas249

Men’s Treatments

All our treatments are suitable for men too. Some of the most popular skincare treatments include Microdermabrasion and Skin Peels which are effective exfoliating procedures to treat congestion and acne and if needed other skin ailments.   We offer IPL hair removal on all areas except the bikini line equivalent (male anatomy) and the prices are no different for male areas.