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Anti Ageing

Aged skin can occur due to the natural ageing process or due to prolonged sun exposure, pollution or smoking. Our anti ageing treatments can help give you that much sought after wrinkle-free, refreshed, rejuvenated skin. Let our professionals iron out fine lines and help you wear a younger and healthier look.

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Prescribed course using a variety of Radiofrequency, Mesotherapy, IPL Rejuvenation, Microdermabrasion and Skin Peel treatmentsPer Treatment (£)Treatments Paid in 2 Parts (£)Upfront Payment (£)
6 treatments (save up to 10%)59168 (£336)319
12 treatments (save up to 20%)59301 (£602)566
Professional Strength PeelsPer Treatment (£)6 Treatment Course Paid in 2 Parts Save 5% (£)6 Treatment Course Save 10% (£)
Professional Anti-Ageing Peels69196 (£392)373
Professional Anti-Ageing Eye Peels69196 (£392)373
Fractional MesotherapyPer Treatment (£)3 Treatments Save 10% (£)6 Treatments Save 20% (£)
Full face or hands130351624
Micro NeedlingPer Treatment (£)3 Treatments Save 15% (£)6 Treatments Save 20% (£)
Crows feet, laughter lines or frown lines160408768
Full face or hands2205611056

What Do Anti-ageing Treatments Involve?

Our non-invasive state-of-the art skincare treatments combat lines by boosting collagen and elastin production, which reduce as we age, leaving you with plumper, smoother, younger looking skin.

Radiofrequency treatment – the ‘non surgical facelift’ uses a hand piece to transmit Radiofrequency energy deep into the skin using concentrated thermal heating. This encourages collagen growth which in turn firms, lifts and tightens the skin resulting in tauter jowls, smoother lines and plumper cheeks.

We also recommend our collagen-stimulating IPL Rejuvenation (green light) treatment which uses light of a specific wavelength and heat to be transmitted deep into the dermis of the skin to produce new collagen and cause fresh oxygen and nutrients to rise to the surface, resulting in glowing, revitalised skin.

Mesotherapy is offered alongside our collagen treatments to minimise fine lines and plump up the skin by using a hand piece to pass concentrated products of collagen, hyaluronic acid and vitamins into the skin. Mesotherapy feeds your skin to boost hydration and give you a natural looking plumper complexion.

Fractional Mesotherapy using our Dermapen or Virtual Mesotherapy is offered alongside our collagen treatments to soften fine lines, plump up the skin and tighten lax skin by transdermally delivering highly concentrated active ingredients of peptides, growth factors, antioxidant vitamins and hyaluronic acid into the deeper dermal layers of the skin. Mesotherapy feeds your skin to boost hydration and give you a natural looking plumper complexion.

Either of these methods can also be stepped up a level to the more advanced Micro Needling treatment.

Alternative Anti-ageing Treatments - Peels and Injections

With ageing our ability to naturally exfoliate and shed away dead skin cells reduces and causes a build up unwanted skin cells. Using our Professional Strength Age Peel this will peel away layers of aged skin leaving a brighter, smoother surface allowing new skin cells to resurface. Our Professional Strength Eye Peel specifically tackles signs of ageing around the crow’s feet area and lines under the eyes.

For instant, quick results without surgery you may want to consider anti-wrinkle injections using Botox on areas of forehead lines, laughter lines or crow’s feet or dermal fillers for plumper lips or smoker’s lines.

How Do Anti-ageing Treatments Feel?

Radiofrequency disperses thermal energy and so is a relaxing warming treatment, Mesotherapy can feel tingly when the product is entering your skin, some clients describe the sensation as ‘tickly.’ IPL Rejuvenation can be compared to the ping of an elastic band when the light makes contact with your skin. There is temporary redness but you’re often free to go about your daily routine.

Professional strength peels have a tingly sensation during treatment, however this subsides once removed. There is minimum downtime with some redness and mild peeling after treatment. With anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers there are minimal side effects and normal activity can be resumed.

Dependant on the method of Mesotherapy – with Fractional Mesotherapy you will experience a slight discomfort but the treatment feels more comfortable with the lubrication of the sterile active ingredients which offer higher collagen stimulation too. Virtual Mesotherapy can feel tingly when the product is entering your skin, some clients describe the sensation as ‘tickly.’

What Causes Our Skin To Age?

We can age from over exposure to the sun, pollution, genetics, smoking or drinking alcohol resulting in fine lines, wrinkles and age spots. Collagen in our skin can break, reduce and lose elasticity as we age, with skin become thinner and drier. Anti-ageing treatments stimulate fibroblasts which increase the growth of collagen and elastin, increasing cellular turnover, removing dead skin cells and restoring hydration.

Fine lines can be described as depth 1 or 2 and come about from constant muscle movement and disappear when a muscle is relaxed. Wrinkles are more prominent than lines, often described as depth 2 or 3 and appear as creases which remain present with movement. A fine line left untreated can develop into a wrinkle, however a wrinkle when treated can reduce to a fine line or be eradicated.

A good skin care routine will help maintain the skin using a physical rather than chemical sunscreen protecting against the full spectrum of UVA and UVA B rays, a potent Vitamin C antioxidant to protect against DNA damage as well as Retinol (vitamin A) to help with cell renewal and keep the skin firm.

How do I know this is the right treatment for me?

We thoroughly analyse the skin and listen to your concerns before talking through the results you can realistically expect to achieve within various timeframes. This will all help to determine the correct treatment plan for you. Treatments can be used for the face, hands or chest.

Don’t worry if you’re not sure what treatment you need, let us work together to build the right plan for you.

What happens following the treatment?

Radiofrequency, Virtual Mesotherapy and IPL Rejuvenation are described as ‘lunchtime’ treatments where there may be temporary redness but you are free to continue with your normal routine.

With Fractional Mesotherapy there will be redness for a few hours and sensation of a sunburn which will subside the following morning. With professional strength peels there will be some redness and mild peeling and minimal side effects with Anti-Wrinkle Injections and Dermal Fillers (if do you opt for this route), but there is no downtime with any of these treatments.

With all non-surgical anti-ageing treatments we would recommend a course of treatments to achieve and maintain the best results. After the first few treatments you should start to see a brighter complexion, smoother texture and over time reduced fine lines. Injections and Fillers can last 6 to 9 months.

Why place your trust with us?

Natural looking results helping clients look and feel younger

Treatments administered by trained and experienced professionals

Tailored treatment plan assessing your skin at present but also helping you maintain long lasting results with medical skincare products suited to you


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