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Pigmentation is a common condition in which patches of the skin become darker (hyperpigmentation) or lighter (hypopigmentation) in colour than the normal surrounding skin due to the pigment melanin. Pigmentation is usually harmless however can appear to be more ageing than fine lines and can become worse if left untreated.

We provide treatments for conditions related to hyperpigmentation, rather than hypopigmentation conditions such as Vitiligo. Let our professionals give you that brighter clearer look and leave you with an even skin tone using a safe solution.

Per Treatment (£)6 Treatment Course Paid in 2 Parts Save 5% (£)6 Treatment Course Save 10% (£)
Professional Strength Pigmentation Peels69 196 (£392) 373
Fractional MesotherapyPer Treatment (£)3 Treatments Save 10% (£)6 Treatments Save 20% (£)
Full face or hands130351624
Micro NeedlingPer Treatment (£)3 Treatments Save 15% (£)6 Treatments Save 20% (£)
Individual sun spot or age spot blemishes160408768
Full face or hands2205611056

What do pigmentation treatments involve?

Skin peels are very effective at removing the excess pigmentation caused as a result of sun damage, through ageing or hormonal changes.  They also help with the cell renewal process as it lightens marks on the skin.  The Professional Strength Pigmentation Peel is suitable for widespread or isolated pigmentation, as it works in the deeper levels of skin to remove areas of pigmentation and prevent pigmentation from recurring to leave a clear complexion. This peel is also more suitable for both fairer and darker skin complexions.

For more extensive and deeper Pigmentation, Fractional Mesotherapy or Micro Needling may be suitable to gain the most effective and desirable results.

These treatments use controlled wounding to create tiny channels in the deeper dermal layers of the skin which naturally stimulate collagen production in the body and renew skin cells. The difference being the length of the short fine needles, being 0.1mm to 0.5mm for Fractional Mesotherapy, with no topical numbing cream required and Micro Needling using a needle depth of 0.5mm to 1.5mm with the use of a numbing cream to ease any discomfort.

Both processes trigger the onset of the body’s natural wound healing process where growth factors are stimulated and two of the key building blocks of the skin – new collagen and elastin are produced, causing older, damaged collagen to break down, with no outward signs of damage. A highly concentrated sterile product solution made up of antioxidant vitamins, peptides and growth factors is applied to the skin to enhance results and make the treatment more comfortable.

The result is pigmentation being broken down and restructured, with healthy skin of an even skin tone being produced.

How do pigmentation treatments feel?

The Pigmentation Peel tingles and can result in slight peeling though downtime is still minimal.

Fractional Mesotherapy feels rather like sunburn with the effects subsiding the following morning and Micro Needling has minimal downtime as a topical numbing cream is applied to reduce any discomfort, with a recovery period of 24 to 48 hours.

How does pigmentation occur?

The darkening of pigmentation occurs when too much melanin (brown pigment that produces normal skin colour) forms micro-deposits in the skin. Hyperpigmentation is caused by over production of the melanin pigment in the skin. Damaged skin cells can produce additional melanin to help protect your skin, just like damaged skin cells may also prevent melanin production (hypopigmentation). Hyperpigmentation is common in ethnic skin, but can affect any skin colour. Symptoms include freckles, liver spots, brown spots, age spots, sun damage, dark circles, melasma and pregnancy-related skin discoloration.

Causes of hyperpigmentation include: overexposure to the sun, hormonal changes, medication, hereditary conditions or Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH) where dark marks are left on the skin following pimples, burns or injuries. A consultation will help identify the type of pigmentation you have and the best treatment to reduce it.

How do I know this is the right treatment for me?

We carry out a thorough skin assessment to determine the type of excess pigmentation you have and look into lifestyle factors to ensure we prescribe the correct pigmentation treatment plan for you. Don’t worry if you’re not sure what hyperpigmentation treatment you need, let us help determine the best option for your individual case.

What happens following the treatment?

Dependant on the treatment, there will be a varying amount of redness after the treatment but no to minimum downtime meaning that you’re often free to go about your daily routine. Micro Needling has a recovery period of 24 to 48 hours. We advise against wearing make-up for the rest of the day.

You should start to see results of clearer skin and an even skin tone after the first few treatments.  For optimum results a course of 6 treatments is recommended.

We would recommend wearing at least SPF 25 to protect skin, without it pigmentation may worsen. Active ingredients in our medical skincare products, such as kojic acid, can help keep pigmentation at bay and prevent it from resurfacing.

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