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For those struggling to shift stubborn areas of fat on the stomach, legs or arms no matter what you try, our non-invasive slimming treatments could be the way to reduce excess weight effortlessly and contour your shape. No need to continue feeling self-conscious, let us transform the shape and size of your body.

Prescribed course using a variety of Electrostimulation,
Slimming Wrap, Pressotherapy, Ultrasonic Cavitation and
Radiofrequency treatments
Per Treatment (£)Treatments Paid in 2 Parts (£)Upfront Payment (£)
6 treatments (save up to 10%)59168 (£336)319
10 treatments (save up to 20%)59251 (£502)472

What do slimming treatments involve?

Ultrasonic Cavitation uses ultrasound waves to penetrate deep to the fat tissue under the skin, to target problematic areas of the stomach, outer thighs or upper arms breaking down unwanted fat cells and safely losing weight and inches. Solid fatty tissue is turned to a liquidated state and the liquidised fat is removed through the body’s natural excretory processes. The fat removal can be accelerated using Electrostimulation treatment.

When the body has more water retention our body contouring Radiofrequency procedure is ideal at tackling unwanted fat on the inner thighs, stomach or back of arms. Radiofrequency waves of the right amount and depth and heat at the right temperature target enlarged fat cells to break down fat tissue and stimulate collagen production. The waves tighten the fibrous layer of tissue at the interface of the dermis and subcutaneous tissue, thus remodelling the collagen to tighten and contour flaccid skin.

Slimming Body Wraps can be used to detox your body and quickly slim down and losing over an inch to the circumference of your stomach is not unusual during this treatment. The Power Plate perfectly accompanies slimming treatments as it activates the metabolic process diminishing the cellulite nodules whilst also modelling the figure.

How do slimming treatments feel?

These treatments are pain free, needle free and with no downtime. With Ultrasonic Cavitation a device is placed on the surface of the skin which emits the ultrasonic waves to liquidate the fat cells. The greatest sensation will be the high pitched sound you will hear due to the ultrasonic waves, however this is harmless and is a sensation you will easily become familiar with. There may be temporary redness following this treatment but the effects soon disappear.

Radiofrequency is applied to the skin through hand piece and is moved around the problematic areas to be targeted, feeling like a therapeutic thermal heat and so is relaxing. Heated Slimming Body Wraps are therapeutic too. Electrostimulation toning pads are applied to the area being treated and can feel tickly, particularly so when the intensities of the electrical impulses vary.

How do I know this is the right treatment for me?

The attraction of these non-invasive treatments is that they do the hard work for you without any surgery or downtime. If you’ve tried gym workouts, fad diets and creams of all kinds and are still struggling to shift unwanted excess weight, then by investing in a range of technologies to make a change and transform your body, our treatments could be the best solution for you.

No prior preparation is required and the treatments are suitable for most people. During your consultation we will carry out a thorough body assessment and assess your suitability by looking at your lifestyle factors and health and weight goals in order to prescribe the correct treatment plan for you. As long as you are keen to follow a healthy diet and keep active then these could be the right treatments for you to slim down and detox your body.

What happens following the treatment?

There may be some redness post-treatment but this reduces quickly. No recovery time is needed as no needles are involved, so normal activities can be resumed. Between treatments we monitor your weight and measurement and ask for you to follow the healthy and sensible dietary advice given as well as initiating exercise for as little as 10 minutes a day to burn fat released during treatment.

A course of treatments is recommended to achieve the optimum results and regular twin treatments lasting 1.5 hours, for 5 weeks will give you dramatic results. In the first few treatments you will begin to notice visible changes in your body with the most significant results being seen at the end of the treatment course, your body will look transformed with a major improvement in your body shape and noticeable weight loss. The treatments are a safe way to lose extra weight effortlessly and gain long lasting results.

Why place your trust with us?

  • Achievable long lasting results with full body assessment including a full service of weighing, measuring and a dietary plan based on your health goals to build your confidence back
  • Safe, expert clinical treatments performed in a hygienic environment
  • Realistic nutritional and lifestyle advice to be used for life

“All staff are fantastic, friendly, professional, supportive. So glad I chose you for my body treatment”

Bryn, Atherton