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Chemical Peels

Many skin issues result from excessive build up of dead skin cells, which make skin look thick and congested with clogged pores. Our safe, professional strength peels use a combination of acids and active ingredients to medically treat acne-prone skin, aging skin and pigmentation marks. Peel away your skin concerns leaving your skin brighter, smoother and rejuvenated.

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Skin Peel TreatmentPer Treatment (£)6 Treatment Course
Paid in 2 Parts Save 5% (£)
6 Treatment Course
Save 10% (£)
Light Peels59168 (£336)318
Fruit Enzyme Peels59168 (£336)318
Professional Strength Acne Peels69196 (£392)373
Professional Strength Pigmentation Peels69196 (£392)373
Professional Strength Anti-Ageing Peels69196 (£392)373
Professional Strength Eye Peels69196 (£392)373

What do chemical peels involve?

Skin peels use a combination of fruit acids to buff away dead skin cells leaving healthy new skin underneath of a youthful complexion. We offer a range of safe chemical skin peels from a light to medium strength to target different skin conditions. Chemical peels are suitable for both fairer and darker skin complexions.

The lighter strength peels include our Light Peel and a fruit enzyme peel, which gently exfoliate the uppermost layer of skin cells in the epidermis and brighten the skin, they are great starter treatments for first time experiences.

Our medium strength chemical peels contain a higher concentration of active ingredients absorbing to the lower layers of the epidermis and upper layer of the dermis to reduce stubborn skin conditions and include professional strength acne peel for acne-prone skins, pigmentation peel for hyperpigmentation marks and anti-ageing peel and eye peel for ageing skin.

During our treatments the skin is cleansed before the peel is left to work for a number of minutes. The peel is deactivated and a cold compress applied to cool the skin before hydrating with a moisturiser and SPF. Treatments last 30 to 45 minutes.

Fruit enzyme peel and Light Peel

Fruit enzyme peel gently exfoliates tired skin by eating away at the dead skin cells leaving glowing, bright skin with no irritation. Contains papaya, pomegranate, blueberry and kiwi.

The Light Peel is a mild revitalising peel suitable for all skin types. The peel is great for unblocking skin pores to clear congestion and dead skin and helps to reduce mild to moderate acne with a gentler salicylic acid. Light Peel combats fine lines and poor texture with anti-ageing lactic acid and lactobionic acid.

Professional Strength Peels

The professional strength acne peel rapidly brings all grades of acne under control and reduces the risk of future outbreaks. The peel targets blocked pores, comedones and inflammation delivering a heavy dose of decongesting salicylic acid and lactic acid to the pores reducing the number of breakouts and also helping to reduce mild scarring.

Pigmentation peel targets sun damage and hyperpigmentation across all skin types being a very effective way to achieve a brighter and even skin tone, freeing skin of dark marks. This peel uses depigmenting lactic acid and tyrosinase inhibiting phytic acid which reduce melanin formation and prevent the darkening of the new skin cells by travelling to the skin pigment cells (melanocytes) which multiply and replicate the damaged pigmentation.

The anti-ageing peel reduces fine lines and wrinkles, leaving the skin smooth and renewed. Rich in Lactobionic and L-Mandelic acid the peel gives aged skin the much needed exfoliation it requires for new cells to resurface, as exfoliation slows down as we age. The skin cells are activated to more collagen and elastin to leave a youthful looking complexion.

The eye peel gently reduces crow’s feet and lines under the eyes with exfoliating L-Mandelic acid and hydrating Lactic acid which enhance cell turnover and alleviate dryness resulting in the area looking smoother and plumper.

How do chemical peels feel?

Dependant on the strength of the chemical peel and your tolerance to the peel you will feel tingly, maybe prickly and some warmth from the procedure. You will quickly become familiar with the sensation.

Fruit enzyme peel and Light Peel induce little irritation, little to no peeling, minimal redness and minimal downtime. Professional strength peels will feel more tingly, there will be some redness reducing by the end of the day with mild peeling, but no downtime. You will be able to resume with your normal activities after treatment.

How do I know if this is the right treatment for me?

If you are looking to freshen up a dull or damaged complexion wanting to treat acne, sun damage or fine lines, then our range of peels exfoliating and resurfacing the skin could be the perfect option to leave your skin younger and smoother.

To rejuvenate dull but sensitive skin the fruit enzyme peel would be the ideal choice. For normal dull skin, skin with mild acne or uneven skin, Light Peel will reduce congestion, blackheads and enlarged pores to leave skin brighter and radiant.

For conditions of moderate acne, mild acne scarring, sun damaged skin, hyperpigmentation and fine lines, our professional strength peels work to control acne, reduce scarring, reduce unwanted discolouration and improve fine lines. Our peels can be used to effectively treat concerns on the face, hands or décolletage.

A consultation thoroughly assessing your skin condition will help to determine the correct peel for your concern, a patch test will be conducted if required. We will answer any concerns you may have and fully talk through the procedure with you.

What happens following the treatment?

After treatment there may be some mild redness and peeling of the skin, however this will not deter you from continuing with your usual routine. You should start to see brighter rejuvenated skin of a smooth texture after the first peel, but to gain optimal results a course of 6 treatments is recommended.

We highly recommend protecting your skin from sun damage by wearing a broad spectrum physical rather than chemical SPF and to maintain the results gained from the peels at home we will advise you of the most appropriate medical skincare products which will further help to aid results and control acne, brighten pigmented skin or prevent ageing.

Why place your trust with us?

  • Safe high quality peels treating a wide range of concerns including acne, ageing and pigmentation
  • Thorough evaluation of skin choosing the skin peel most suited to improve your condition
  • Speedy results with minimal downtime

“I feel that this clinic has a very welcoming and professional environment”

Jennifer, Manchester