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Facials can rejuvenate and refresh your skin, clearing up congestion and bringing the skin to life. If you’re in need of a thorough exfoliation, instant replenishing and hydration, then our range of facial treatments are ideal for reawakening skin and brightening your complexion.

As we age, the ability for the skin to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells reduces, the build up of dead skin cells can make the skin look dull and sallow.  Other factors such as dietary choices, smoking , stress and pollution can also make your skin look lacklustre.

We can bring your skin back to life with our range of brightening facials helping to bring instant luminosity and rejuvenation to have you looking great for a special occasion or just because you want to.

  • Mesotherapy anti-ageing treatment
Per Treatment (£)6 Treatments Paid in
2 Parts Save 5% (£)
6 Treatment Course Save 10%
Prescribed course using a variety of Radiofrequency, Mesotherapy,
Microdermabrasion, Skin Peels, Masks and IPL Rejuvenation treatments
59168 (£336)319

What do facials involve?

Exfoliating Microdermabrasion gently buffs the skin with a vacuum removing the top layer of dead skin cells to reveal brighter skin underneath. The treatment combined with a peel-off mask suited to your skin type feeds your skin with essential nutrients and vitamins, rejuvenating your skin on top and deeper down.

Our remarkable Mesotherapy treatment instantly and naturally plumps up your skin. Active ingredients such as collagen and hyaluronic acid are transported deep into your skin to plump out fine lines and hydrate the skin lending a more youthful and healthy appearance. Radiofrequency combines radiofrequency waves and therapeutic heat to leave you looking radiant whilst receiving a collagen boost at the same time.

Our resurfacing Light Peel goes a step further with exfoliating the skin working to break the glue which holds our dead skin cells together, once broken fresh, glowing skin is revealed. IPL Rejuvenation refreshes skin by using light of a specific wavelength and heat transmitted deep into the skin to promote collagen and bringing fresh oxygen and nutrients to the skin’s surface to leave you with shimmering skin.

How do these facials feel?

Radiofrequency disperses thermal energy and so is a relaxing warming treatment, Mesotherapy can feel tingly when the product is entering your skin, some clients describe the sensation as ‘tickly’.

The Light Peel has a slight tingle to the skin when applied but reduces soon after it is removed and Microdermabrasion feel like a gentle vacuum suction on the skin. IPL Rejuvenation can be compared to the ping of an elastic band when the light makes contact with your skin.

How do I know what is the right facial treatment for me?

We carry out a thorough skin assessment and listen to your needs before determining the correct treatments for you. Don’t worry if you’re not sure what treatment you need, let us work together to determine the right treatment for you.

What happens after the facial?

All facial treatments are pain-free with no downtime and often described as ‘lunchtime’ treatments. You may have temporary redness but you’re usually free to go about your daily routine. You should start to see results of radiant, rejuvenated skin instantly and be looking your finest for that special occasion.


Why place your trust with us?

  • We will assess your timeframe if necessary and work together on a quick solution for you (even if you’ve left it last minute before a wedding, birthday or holiday!)
  • We will listen to your needs and choose the correct treatment and products to rejuvenate your skin
  • You’re in safe hands with trained and experienced professionals

“Extremely relaxing treatment and can tell the difference”

Samantha, Glossop