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IPL Rejuvenation

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Rejuvenation boosts collagen, revitalises the skin and is a great anti-ageing treatment. IPL Rejuvenation brings about the onset of the cellular renewal process which helps to soften fine lines and brighten sallow skin caused by factors such as ageing, stress, environmental factors and pollution. This non-surgical treatment will leave you with radiant, younger-looking skin.

  • IPL Rejuvenation
Per Treatment (£) 6 Treatment Course Paid in 2 Parts Save 5% (£) 6 Treatment Course Save 10% (£)
IPL Rejuvenation Facial Treatment 59168 (£336) 319
IPL Rejuvenation Body Treatment 59168 (£336) 319

What does IPL Rejuvenation treatment involve?

IPL rejuvenation treatment stimulates the generation of new collagen by using (green) light of a specific wavelength with heat transmitted deep into the dermis of the skin to produce new collagen and cause fresh oxygen and nutrients to rise to the surface, resulting in radiant, revitalised skin.

This skincare treatment promotes the skin to naturally repair itself by causing the stimulation of new fibroblasts to produce more collagen and elastin encouraging healthy new skin. The result is a reduction in fine lines, evening out blemished skin, reducing enlarged pores and brightening up dull skins.

How does IPL Rejuvenation treatment feel?

The treatment is a comfortable treatment where the device cools and soothes with skin with the cooling head before pulsed beams of light are delivered into the skin. When the light hits the surface of your skin it you may feel some heat with the tingle similar to the ping of an elastic band. This sensation only occurs whilst the device is in contact with your skin.

The treatment is non-invasive and so there is no downtime following treatment as no needles are involved. There may be some redness following treatment but these effects reduce quickly.

How do I know this is the right treatment for me?

If you are concerned about ageing and are looking to minimise fine lines and improve the texture of your skin, then IPL Rejuvenation could be the right treatment for you. This versatile treatment can be used to treat the face, hands, neckline and chest to leave smooth, rejuvenated skin.


We can treat skin types I to IV on Fitzpatrick chart, this is generally from fair skin types to Asian skin types. A consultation and free patch test will ascertain your suitability for treatment. This treatment can be used alongside our anti-aging treatments of Radiofrequency and Mesotherapy and with IPL Pigmentation to target problematic sun-induced pigmentation.

What happens following the treatment?

There is no downtime following treatment and any redness which you may have will reduce quickly, leaving you to continue with your usual activities.


You will have healthier and brighter appearance after just one treatment.The great benefit of this treatment is that the collagen continues to repair below the surface of the skin for a few weeks following treatment, so the results will continue to improve. To get optimal results, we recommend undertaking a course of treatments. During your treatment we strongly advise protecting your skin from the sun by wearing a high SPF.

Why place your trust with us?

  • Qualified and competent professionals delivering effective treatments
  • Safe, non-surgical treatments performed in a hygienic environment
  • Tailored treatment plan assessing your skin at present but also helping you maintain the results gained for the longer term with medical skincare products suited to you

Thank you, my skin feels and looks amazing. I will definitely be recommending you to my friends and family

Sabrina, Altrincham