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Skin Masks

Skin masks are a great pick-me-up and way of instantly replenishing and brightening the skin. If you’re in need of pampering and some me-time but want to benefit from hydrated and radiant skin too, then skin masks are ideal to reawaken and brighten your complexion.

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Skin Masks Cost (£)
Vitamin mask 59
Reaffirming mask 59
Regeneration mask 59
Sensitive mask 59

What do skin masks involve?

Skin masks are very simple facial treatments – we thoroughly cleanse the face before applying the skin mask suited to your skin type on your face and neck. You are left to relax with the mask allowed to set for 20 minutes. The skin mask is peeled away leaving you with a replenished, brightened complexion.


The skin mask best suited to you can be determined during your consultation. We have the Vitamin skin mask, rich with orange and vitamin C rich dill being effective on young and mature skins giving luminosity to dull skins. Sensitive skin mask contains violet and oats benefiting more delicate skins and feeding the skin with nutrients to leave skin soothed.


Regenerating skin mask consists of linseed and aloe and is great on acne-prone skins leaving skin soothed and calm. Reaffirming skin mask is full of vegetable clay which absorbs excess oils and algae hydrates the skin and so is ideal for unbalanced and oily skin types.

How do skin masks feel?

Skin masks feel soothing and relaxing. You will feel pampered, reawaken and refreshed after this treatment, ready to go out and continue with your daily activities.

How do I know this is the right treatment for me?

Skin masks are suitable for all skin types and ages, including pregnant women. A consultation will help determine the correct mask for your skin type. A Microdermabrasion prior to this nourishing treatment aids absorption of the active ingredients within the mask leaving you with more effective results.


Skin masks can be included in treatment courses helping to tackle skin concerns of soothing acne-prone skin, hydrating dull and dry skins and brightening the complexion of mature skins. They are also great one-off treatments just before a big occasion to ensure you are looking and feeling your best.

What happens following the treatment?

Skin masks leave the skin brighter and replenished with no redness, so you are free to continue with your usual activities. There is no lead time required before skin mask treatments and they can be performed on the day of your occasion if you wish.

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