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Power Plate

Power Plate aids slimming to lose weight and help to contour the body by exercising on a oscillating platform to tone the large muscle groups and firm skin tissue.
Unlimited use of the power plate machine is included for the duration of tailored slimming or cellulite treatment courses.

  • Power Plate at Rejuvenate
Power Plate usageCost (£)
10 minute session5
Unlimited sessions25 a month

What does power plate involve?

Power Plate tones and re-shapes the body, invigorating the body by burning calories and stimulating circulation and lymphatic drainage. The treatment works by standing feet apart on an oscillating platform. The speed of the platform, which moves from side to side, can be adjusted, with the movement of the plate working to exercise the full body while the body attempts to constantly stabilize itself. Handle bars can be held onto for additional support and other stances can be employed, like sitting on the Power Plate, to target different muscle groups of the legs, abdomen, arms and buttocks. We will demonstrate the poses to ensure you are using the machine appropriately and achieving the best long lasting results.

Power Plate is an effortless treatment helping to keep excess weight off and cellulite at bay with 10 minutes use being equivalent to 45 minutes of aerobic gym work. This is a progressive treatment, where the more you use the machine, the more effective your results will be.

How does power plate feel?

The Power Plate feels similar to exercising on other gym equipment and is the easiest way to get into shape. You will feel a vibration and the sensation can be said to tickle, however you can adjust your position or try different stances to feel more comfortable. You will easily become familiar with the sensation and enjoy using this machine without feeling overly tired.

How do I know this is right for me?

Most people of various ages are suitable for this treatment. If you are looking to lose excess weight, reshape your body contour, build muscle, improve cellulite and increase your metabolism, then Power Plate could be the perfect treatment.


A body consultation with a medical assessment will determine your suitability for this treatment. Power Plate use is free if you undertake our slimming or cellulite reduction programmes.


We suggest removing footwear when using the Power Plate and wearing comfortable attire that you are free to move around in; this doesn’t necessarily have to be gym wear. The treatment is not suitable for pregnant women, those with bone injuries or severe back pain.

What happens following a power plate session?

Just like a workout in the gym, Power Plate has no downtime and no after effects, leaving you to continue with your everyday activities. The treatment is popular during lunchtimes as it will burn calories, giving you an energy boost but not leave you feeling tired or sweaty.


The more often you use the treatment, the quicker you will achieve results. We suggest using the Power Plate 3 times a week for a minimum of 1 month to gain results of a toner body of a refined shape. A nutritious diet will help gain more effective results. Continued use of the machine will help maintain the results gained. Use is free if you are undertaking our slimming or cellulite reduction treatment courses.

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