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Pressotherapy Lymphatic Drainage

Often we can feel sluggish and tired due to our lifestyle or environmental factors and just need a pick-me-up to detox your body. Lymphatic Drainage Pressotherapy is a relaxing massage treatment which works your lymphatic system to reawaken and stimulate your body and remove toxins to leave you more alert whilst also aiding the reduction of body slimming and cellulite.

  • pressotherapy lymphatic drainage
Per Treatment (£) 6 Treatment Course Paid in 2 Parts Save 5% (£) 6 Treatment Course Save 10% (£)
Pressotherapy Lymphatic Drainage Treatment 59168 (£336) 319

What does Lymphatic Drainage Pressotherapy involve?

Lymphatic Drainage Massage Pressotherapy works on the lymphatic system helping to increase circulation and remove toxins from the body. It is an ideal treatment if you suffer from poor circulation or often feel bloated or sluggish. Lymphatic drainage treatment increasing blood circulation and oxygen supply to cells aiding the reduction of cellulite.


Pressotherapy is a body suit with pipes of compressed air, it is the pressure of the compressed air which is pumped around your body causing the body suit to inflate and deflate at intervals. This stimulates circulation and massages the lymph nodes to accelerate the removal of toxins and waste substances through our natural excretory processes.

How does Lymphatic Drainage Pressotherapy feel?

During this detoxing lymph drainage massage treatment you wear disposable trousers before you are comfortably placed in the suit which is strapped around your legs, abdomen, lower back and arms.


As the compressed air is circulating around your body the treatment feels as if you’re having a deep tissue massage and so feels very relaxing.

How do I know this is the right treatment for me?

Lymphatic Drainage Massage Pressotherapy is perfect if you suffer from bloating and water retention as the treatment has a draining effect where accumulated toxins and fat are eliminated from the body through the lymph nodes to our excretory systems.


The treatment stimulates blood circulation helping to tone the body and increase the acceleration of metabolism, thus aiding the reduction of slimming and cellulite. The treatment is particularly effective following our slimming and cellulite eliminating treatments of Ultrasonic Cavitation or Radiofrequency. Even if you are feeling tired, drained or sluggish this lymph drainage massage treatment goes some way to awaken you.

What happens following the treatment?

There is no downtime with this expert non-invasive clinical treatment so you can resume with your normal activities after treatment. With Pressotherapy lymphatic drainage massage eliminating toxins from the body we advise you to drink plenty of water to continue to flush the toxins out of your system to benefit from long lasting results.

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