Why is my acne worse in the winter?

Posted on December 22, 2016

Skin breakouts are often associated with the hot, sticky climate of summer, however if you’re experiencing an acne flare up in the depths of winter, you’re not alone. Many people do find that their acne actually gets worse in the winter. And there are a few very good reasons for it.

Dry air

The cold weather can dry out our skin but central heating can make it even worse. Why would dry skin cause acne? We hear you ask. Well, when your skin becomes too dry it tries to rectify the situation. Overcompensating, your skin produces too much oil which can block your pores and cause acne. To rectify this, ensure you’re using a moisturiser, even just at night. A humidifier is also a great way to add moisture to your home without having to turn the heating off.

You’re doing too much

It can be tempting to aggressively treat your skin during the winter months to try and combat the effects of the cold weather. However, with acne prone skin, simplicity is key. Use gentle cleansers, good moisturisers and only exfoliate around once a week. You don’t need to add any more steps to your routine than usual but listen to your skin and adjust accordingly. If your skin gets irritated, lessen your exfoliation, if it’s getting more clogged, increase it. Find a gentle balance that suits your specific skin.

Hats and scarves

Of course we all love bundling up in cosy hats and scarves when it’s cold, but they might be contributing to your acne. Sweat and bacteria can get trapped between your skin and your winter clothing causing clogged pores and acne flare ups. If you notice more spots on your forehead, along your chin and on your neck, it’s most likely your hat and scarf that are to blame. Ensure that you regularly wash your winter accessories to reduce the amount of bacteria present and only bundle up when it’s really necessary!  

Too hot water

During Winter, it feels absolutely divine sinking into a red hot bath or indulging in an extra long shower in the morning. Unfortunately, exposing your skin to very hot water for too long strips away all your skin’s natural oils and protection. This can cause your skin to become inflamed, red, itchy and even peel as your skin’s barrier is down. All kinds of harmful stuff can then get in your pores. Turn the water temperature down and don’t stay in for too long – however tempting it may be!

Alternative treatments

Unfortunately, you can do everything to take care of your skin during winter, including following the advice above, and still have acne breakouts. It happens to the best of us! If you’re struggling with your skin, Rejuvenate can offer effective acne treatment in Manchester. Using a combination of Microdermabrasion, Light Peels, IPL Acne treatments and Professional Strength Acne Peels depending on the type of acne you have, we can help your skin get back to looking its healthiest. Contact the team to see how we can help 0161 636 3499 / enquiries@rejuvenateskinclinic.com.

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